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to save you time, see if we can answer your film scanning questions here:


to save you time, see if we can answer your questions here:


+ How do I get my film to you?

A : We have two different ways you can get your film to us. You can drop it directly to the office (please phone ahead first to check that someone will be there). Or you can post your film to us. Please see the question below on how best to package your film.

+ What is the best way to supply and package my film?

A : If you are posting your film to us we suggest that you package it in it's plastic sleeve with rigid cardboard on either side. You can go a step further and add bubble wrap around it. Please also write DO NOT BEND in large red text on the outside of the packaging. If you are dropping it in person the plastic slip is all you'll need. Please note : Format Scan will not be held responsible for any film lost in postage. We recommend you add a tracking number to all packages.

+ How will you know what images I need scanned?

A : We kindly request that you clearly mark each negative or transparency that you need scanned. You could do this with dot stickers on the sleeve or you can write us detailed instructions. This will save everyone time and get your scans back to you quicker.

+ What happens once you scan my film? How do I get my scans and film back?

A : We will supply you with a USB stick with your scans on it. We do not burn CD's and we do not use any online transfer services, simply due to the large size of the scans. USB sticks are the most time efficient for everyone. If you cannot pick your film and scans up from us directly we can post these back to you at a small additional cost. We use Aust Post for our postage service. For a 500g A4 parcel it will only cost $7.50 (regular) - $9.80 (express). Please get in contact for a quote.

+ Can I request to have my scans a particular measurement rather than megabytes?

A : We can output your scans up to most sizes. Usually nothing over 100cm on the long edge for 35mm film and 70cm on the long edge for 6x6 film. Please let us know what you need and we can consult you.

+ Can you scan my film with the sprockets/perforation and film info?

A : Yes we can! And we won't charge you extra for this either. Just let us know you require this when send your film in.

+ What does colour correction and spotting mean?

A : Some films can tend to have a colour shift. Not everyone loves this, so it can be altered within the Flextight software. When we colour correct a file we are basically neutralising it. The colour you see in the file will be very close to the colour that you saw through the camera. The beauty of scanning film with the Flextight X5, means we are left with a 'raw' file. This raw file has the capability to be changed, whether it is colour correction or contrast or sharpness. Spotting means that we open your file in Photoshop and carefully re-touch any dust or scratches which might have still been present on the film when scanned. We always do our best to give you a clean scan but some dust can be stubborn. Without using any chemicals on your film this can be the least evasive way of 'cleaning'.

+ What will you use to clean my film?

A : We only use 'Dust Off' compressed air to clean your film before scanning. We take all due care while handling your film, using cotton gloves at all times. You might notice that some dust still remains on your scan. This unfortunately is a unwanted outcome of high resolution scans. Some dust can be stubborn, and without the use of harsh chemicals you will usually see some dust remain. We recommend opening your scan in Photoshop, enlarging the file and use the 'Spot Healing Brush' tool to remove dust or scratches. If you don't have the time or patience for this please consider our service. We'll be happy to do it for you.

+ How do I work on a 'raw' file (.fff) with Flextight software?

A : We supply all scans as a 'raw' file (.fff format) and a 16 bit TIFF. We will also supply you with the latest Hasselblad Flextight software on your USB stick, as well as a PDF with basic instructions on how to work the the software. We provide raw scans for all customers as the 'raw' format allows you the most room to push or pull the image, colour adjusting and saving options, as well as many more benefits.

+ Can I supply you with my own icc profile?

A : Yes you can. We're happy to work to your monitor icc profile. Please contact us and let us know if you require this and email the profile to us.